Academics is one of HaU's three pillars. Academics allow our Hermanas to empower themselves out in the world.  We embrace academics to prepare our Hermanas for the future.  To be recognized as an active Hermana, a minimum of 10 academic hours must be completed by Wednesday of Week 9. 

How do I complete study hours?
By attending Study Hours, studying with a group of hermanas, Study Jams, and/or attending our Quarterly Workshops.
What are study hours?
Study hours are scheduled study sessions hosted by Hermanas during the weekdays.
What are Quarterly Workshops?
We also have informative workshops(i.e study tips, etc.) throughout the quarter that will also count towards your academic hours completion.
What are Study Jams?
During the last week of every quarter, Hermanas get together at Geisel Library and study for finals.  There are goodies handed out for those Hermanas who attend.  

For more information contact our Academic Chair Yesenia Davila at

Study Hours

The Hermanas will begin hosting study through out the year. 


Book Lending Program

This year, as a way to help our hermanas succeed academically, we have started the Book Lending Program in order to assist our Hermanas in buying/selling textbooks. Click on the link below to get started!

Book Lending Program 


Resources @ UCSD

Take advantage of the opportunities provided by your university. Click away to see the many events and activities that are taking place:



Study Sheet

Begin studying during Week 2 and keep track of your Study Hours.  You may ask Academic Chair Yesenia Davila or print one out from the link below. Study sheets need to be turned in to the Academic Chair during General Body Meetings (Wednesday) of Week 4, 6, and 9.

Study Hours Sheet


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